• Staging is designing your home to have BROAD appeal. It’s different than if we were designing the home for YOUR particular taste. We use our knowledge of the market and our experience in the business to plan a stage that will highlight the great features of the home, while minimizing any negatives. Our staging choices are always focused on helping the home sell as quickly as possible.

  • Requests to see specific items that will be placed generally cannot be accommodated without an additional design fee, due to our inventory process and schedule. We will show you photos of the general design plan for the home, and adapt and adjust it to give you the best staging possible.

  • Keeping our operations efficient keeps our prices affordable, so once the home is staged and complete, we cannot return to the property without a return fee. The staging fee is due the day of staging. We will send an invoice that can be paid online for your convenience. 

Staging Preparation
  • All renovations for the home must be complete before staging, and the home must be cleaned. We always recommend a professional cleaning service for any home that is going on the market.

  • Access to the home must be prearranged, included community gate access, home entry, and any elevator or condo logistics. We deliver and install in one or two large commercial box trucks, so there must be space for parking close to the home.

  • Staging typically takes 2-5 hours, and is usually completed in one day.