Home Staging Services in St. Petersburg, FL

It’s statistically accurate to say that staged homes garner more attention, more showings, and better offers than vacant homes listed on the St. Petersburg real estate market. A professionally staged home helps prospective buyers to envision themselves living in the space. It can be difficult to see potential in a house that feels cold and empty or to connect to one that is riddled with toys and dirty dishes left by current occupants.

Whether you are a builder, investor, realtor or independent seller, Staged by Design can help you get the best market value for your St. Petersburg property with expert home staging services.

Since 2006, Staged by Design has worked as a fully insured and HSR-certified company with accounts ranging from small investment properties to million-dollar homes along the water. Throughout this time, we have gained a solid reputation for our quality of work and level of professionalism when providing home staging services in St. Petersburg, FL. We understand that regardless of your role, your objective is to sell the property quickly and for the most money possible. As soon as we take on your project, that becomes our primary objective, as well.

What you gain by investing in our home staging services in St. Petersburg, FL:

·         Nearly 15 years of design and home staging experience

·         A dedicated team that understands the real estate market and what appeals to potential buyers

·         Flexibility and efficiency

·         Quick contract agreements

·         Home staging featuring modern furniture, art, and accessories from our own warehouse

·         No third-party deals or renting

·         Free photography services (if you are an investor who partners with us)

 At Staged by Design, we proudly offer affordable home staging services in St. Petersburg, FL for every budget. While we believe that having a property professionally staged truly pays for itself, we understand that every situation and need is different, and we are happy to work with you to find a package that can accommodate.

 Simply give us a call at 813-997-5522 today to find out how home staging services can benefit you in the sale of your St. Petersburg home or property.