Staging a home will help generate more interest and ultimately lead to better offers from prospective buyers. When a home has been staged through the use of professional staging services, buyers are given the chance to envision what it’ll feel like for them to live in a home. They won’t have to worry about trying to overlook the fact a home is either vacant or filled with clutter.

From builders and investors to realtors and independent sellers, Staged by Design has been helping people get the most money possible for homes by offering Clearwater home staging services for over a decade. You can drive up the price of a home you’re selling by having it staged in advance of showing it to buyers.

Since 2006, Staged by Design has served as a fully insured and HSR-certified staging company for small investment properties, huge waterfront homes, and everything in between. Staged by Design has earned a reputation for providing a high level of professionalism and doing high-quality work when staging homes. Staged by Design knows how important it is for sellers to sell homes quickly and works hard to stage homes, so they’re more likely to sell fast.

When you turn to Staged by Design for Clearwater home staging services, you will get:

• Almost 15 years of experience with home staging and design

• A dedicated team that knows what Clearwater buyers want to see when they walk into a home for the first time

• Flexibility, reliability, and efficiency

• Quick contract agreements

• Everything needed to stage a home, including modern furniture, accessories, and even art (all stored in the Staged by Design warehouse)

• No renting or third-party deals

• Photography services free of charge for investors who choose to partner with Staged by Design

Staged by Design is proud to provide Clearwater home staging services for those with almost any budget. Staged by Design can customize a home staging package specific to your situation and accommodate whatever budget you’re working with while selling your home.

Reach out to Staged by Design at 813-997-5522 to find out more about how Clearwater home staging services can be beneficial for you when selling a property.